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PopUp Profiles: 5 Businesses We Love This Week


Each day, we feature one small business on our Facebook page as a PopUp Profile. We choose businesses that are doing something unique, clever or just plain fun. We hope you enjoy learning about these businesses as much as we did!


Why We Love It: Baby boomers have redefined aging, retirement and now social media. A cool, hip place for the older set to chat, meet and lament. On Twitter: @eonstweets


Why We Love It: Because we think specialization is the way of the world, especially in design and marketing. ShareFaith offers churches web design and media services. A great business model no matter what the cause. On Twitter: @sharefaith


Why We Love It: It's easy to become overwhelmed by all the daily deals out there. Offers.com sifts through them all and delivers the best ones to you. Sounds like a great business model. On Twitter: @offers.com


Why We Love It: There's not much we can say about this home made soap company that sells on Etsy that you can't see from the photos. No, that's not a real brownie, that's soap. On Twitter: @soapopotamus


Why We Love It: Because teaching non-English speakers how to order a Big Mac is one thing. Teaching them business language that they might actually need is another. We see a big trend toward this kind of enterprise. On Twitter: @globalenglish