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PopUp Profiles: 5 Businesses We Love This Week



Each day, we feature one small business on our Facebook page as a PopUp Profile. We choose businesses that are doing something unique, clever or just plain fun. We hope you enjoy learning about these businesses as much as we did!

Men In Kilts

Why We Love It: Because when all else fails, a good marketing gimmick is still a good bet. I mean, really, do you know the names of any other gutter cleaning companies off the top of your head (or the bottom of your...)? @MenInKilts

LifeCube, Inc.

Why We Love It: Because it's not easy to find economically sustainable solutions to the world's problems and, ultimately, social entrepreneurship will be the answer to both economic and social woes. LifeCube's 144-square foot American-made pop-up shelters include a stove, a toilet and sleeping bags. And, they can be set up in five minutes. On Twitter: @lifecubeproject

Alfred Angelo

Why We Love It: After 75 years in the bridal business, it must be hard to keep coming up with new ideas, but they keep doing it! Current hot idea: Disney wedding gowns. Really! On Twitter: @alfredangelo


Why We Love It: This nifty little jewelry flash sale site came out of nowhere and has been using social media to drive business through the roof with more than 5,000 Facebook "likes" in just months. Best of all, its creator just got to quit her day job to run the site full time. On Twitter: @shadora

Tom’s of Maine

Why We Love It: Tom’s puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to doing good. The company is holding a nationwide contest to reward non-profits who are doing good for their communities. Six winning organization will share $150,000 and one will receive $50,000. On Twitter: @tomsofmaine.