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Start Your Business Success Stories

Small Business Snapshot: Highway Twenty

Small Business Snapshot: Highway Twenty Credit: Noemi Gonzalez

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Carla Sandine, founder and president of Highway Twenty, a business founded in 2011 that provides digital marketing consulting and execution for nonprofits, explains how this image represents her business.

Sandine explains...

This is a photo from our open house, after we moved into our current space. It features pictures that we took and taped up during the party, and includes shots of staff and the many clients and supporters who came that evening. The party was a labor of love, and everyone in the team contributed time and creative ideas to make it unique.

The photo is representative of us in a few ways. First, its warmth and happy faces. Our office is welcoming and very diverse. We are different from many marketing agencies because of the experience of our staff and the fact that we are very culturally competent. Second, like those photos in the picture, we are made up of many exceptional individuals, and together, have an even stronger impact. This sounds corny, but it’s true — we’re all here because we have made a deliberate choice to do things differently, and make an impact on our community and causes that matter.

I started Highway Twenty to bring current marketing strategy and solutions to nonprofit, government, and political organizations that are impacting communities and improving lives. This was underserved market at the time and still is. It’s no longer okay for nonprofits not to engage in sophisticated digital marketing. Their supporters expect it.

We are women-owned and women-led. Our team is very diverse and committed to making a difference in our community while also providing work that rivals what is done for corporate or for-profit clients.

Our main challenge is finding people who are willing to invest in exceptional marketing. Nonprofits teams are time and resource strapped and decisions are often made by committees. Marketing well is really an investment, not a cost center. It’s something we work with our clients to understand and it’s on us to deliver results.