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Health Care, Economic Doubt Top Small Business Owners' Worries

Small business owners have a lot on their minds. Primarily, they're concerned about the economy — including when and if it will ever return to its former robust self.

The National Small Business Association released its 2011 Small Business Taxation Survey this week, which reveals exactly what small business owners are concerned about. Their top worries are ranked here.

Economic uncertainty               66 percent
Decline in customer spending     39 percent
Cost of health benefits               35 percent
Regulatory burdens                   32 percent
Federal taxes                           29 percent
State and local taxes                18 percent
Lack of available capital             17 percent
Lack of qualified workers           12 percent
Cost of employee salaries          12 percent
Cost of employee benefits
(not including health insurance)  9 percent
Foreign competition                  6 percent
Cost of technology                    4 percent
Cost of training workers             2 percent