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Start Your Business Success Stories

Small Business Snapshot: CHARFEN

Small Business Snapshot: CHARFEN Credit: CHARFEN

Company name: CHARFEN
Website: www.charfen.com
Founded: 2007

CEO and co-founder Alex Charfen shared the story behind CHARFEN, a company that helps small businesses grow through events, content and consulting.

We took this photo at our offices during one of our CHARFEN Entrepreneurs Workshops, taking you behind the scenes with our production team. While I present live to business leaders from across the country, we’re simultaneously live-streaming the event online. As a small business, live-streaming gives us leverage and scale to reach and engage a larger audience.

Our business started out of crisis. We'd experienced towering success, followed by the crush of bankruptcy in the midst of the foreclosure crisis. When my wife Cadey and I decided to move forward, we did so with what little money we had left and a mission to answer the question: How do you make businesses grow? This question evolved into: How do you make people grow?

These questions have driven us and our company forward on a journey to help entrepreneurs around the world make their greatest contributions. We want to connect with and help people who are experiencing doubt, uncertainty, pressure and lack of support for their skills and visions. Our discovery of the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) and its attributes helps us provide a lens through which people can see entrepreneurs in a new light and can help change how we see and deal with people.

Our biggest challenge now is the speed at which we can get our messages out. We also find there is sometimes resistance to our core philosophy of viewing people by their attributes — what makes them exceptional — rather than their deficits, or what is wrong with them.