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Grow Your Business Social Media

Facebook Tool Makes Switching to Business Account Easy

Tired of mixing business and pleasure? While Facebook is all about leveraging your social contacts for the gain of your business, it might be time to switch from a personal profile to a Facebook business Page.

To help users do that easily, Facebook has launched a migration tool that allows users with personal profiles to make the switch painlessly and take all of their “friends” with them.

Facebook explains via its site that personal accounts are not for business use and people who use that for that purpose are in violation of Facebook rules .

“Business accounts are designed for people who only want to use Facebook to administer Pages and run ad campaigns,” Facebook says on its site.

Facebook business accounts do not have the same features as personal accounts. For example, they have limited access to information on Facebook and can’t view profiles or content owned by other people. Business accounts can’t be found in a search, and the owner of the account can’t send or receive friend requests, according to the social networking site.

Still, many small business owners have found that Facebook pages is a much more vibrant and useful tool for promoting business, allowing users to brand the page more effectively and accumulating “likes” rather than “friends.”