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Grow Your Business Technology

Top Windows 10 Apps for Business

Windows Store, windows 10 apps

Windows 10 tablets and 2-in-1 laptops combine the versatility of an iPad with the power of a traditional Windows PC. In addition to running the legacy Windows software you use at the office, the devices can run new apps from the Windows Store, which is accessible from the Windows 10 Start menu. These apps are optimized for touch, so they're easier to use on a tablet computer, without a mouse and keyboard. Plus, they're usually free.

Here's a roundup of our top Windows 10 apps.

When it's not possible to meet face-to-face, videoconferencing is the next best thing. While most Windows devices come with Microsoft Skype installed, GoToMeeting is a more versatile app for meeting remotely. The app lets you host virtual meetings with up to 25 attendees joining from just about any Web-connected device. And it includes handy tools like speaker identification, so you know exactly who's talking at any given time, as well as screen-sharing tools for presentations.

Wunderlist is our favorite to-do list app on the Windows platform, making it easy to set up a to-do list with a few clicks, then share lists with co-workers to help your team stay on track. The lists support collaborative editing, and you can set alarms for individual items to keep track of deadlines. You can also send out messages targeted at specific list items to get a conversation going. 

Drawboard is an excellent PDF management tool for Windows 10. In addition to being a solid PDF reader, Drawboard makes it easy to annotate and mark up your PDFs, whether you're typing on a keyboard or writing freehand with a stylus. You can also create new documents and save them as compatible PDF files. The app itself costs $10, but comes with a free three-day trial so you can take it for a test drive.

While there are plenty of great note-taking apps on Windows, OneNote is the only one that comes pre-loaded on just about every Windows 10 device and syncs with your Microsoft account. That ensures that all of your notes will be accessible across your devices, at home and at the office. Otherwise, OneNote is just a solid note-taking app that makes it easy to keep your notes backed up and organized. And if your Windows 10 device has a stylus, OneNote includes very good inking functionality.

Splashtop Business is the best remote desktop software on Windows. It turns your mobile Windows 10 device into an extension of your desktop workstation, providing quick access to your work PC or Mac. That means you can access your documents and media library remotely, and even use software that's installed on that machine. You don't even have to leave your office PC running to establish a connection; Splashtop Business can remotely wake your machine when you're ready to access it.

Think you need a lot of expensive special equipment to process credit card payments? The PayPal Here app lets you accept credit cards using your Windows 10 device. When you sign up, PayPal will send you a credit card reader that plugs into your tablet or laptop. Then your customers can start swiping their cards, giving you the freedom to do business anywhere. The app also includes extra functionality, such as the ability to email receipts to customers.


Slack is a chat app designed for business, letting you keep in touch with your team without cluttering up everyone’s email inbox. Actually, it’s a lot more than a simple chat app, with tons of advanced features including the ability to share and edit documents collaboratively. That’s easy to do, since Slack integrates natively with Drobox, Google Drive, Salesforce, and other tools and services that your business already uses.


Dropbox provides one of the best ways to keep all of your work files backed up and accessible from anywhere. Plus, the service lets you revert to previous versions of a document at any time, which makes it easy to retrieve lost or stolen content. The desktop Dropbox app wasn’t designed for touchscreens, but the Windows 10 Dropbox app will make it easy to manage your files and folders on a tablet or 2-in-1 laptop.

Invoice 360 streamlines the process of creating invoices. The app lets you input customer information directly into a variety of handsome invoice templates, or import customer information from your existing address book. You can also build an inventory list inside the app, letting you quickly add items to invoices. When you’re done creating your invoice, you can print it or email a PDF to your customer with one click.


Brett Nuckles

Brett Nuckles has been a working journalist since 2009. He got his start in local newspapers covering community news, local government, education and more before he joined the Business News Daily staff in 2013. He graduated from Ohio University, where he studied Journalism and English. Follow him on Twitter @BrettNuckles.