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Start Your Business Success Stories

Small Business Snapshot: Suntastic Swim School

Small Business Snapshot: Suntastic Swim School Credit: Suzette Kapla/Suntastic Swim School

Company name: Suntastic Swim School
Website: www.suntasticswimschool.com
Founded: 2014

Co-owner Scott Kapla shared the story behind Suntastic Swim School, a traveling swim school based in Southeastern Michigan.

This photo represents the relationships we cultivate with our swimmers.  Our lessons are personal and tailored to the swimmers' abilities and needs, and our instructors are caring and compassionate, understanding that relationships are the key to developing confident swimmers.

We started our business because we saw a need that was not being fulfilled. We're located in Michigan, so being in a state with many lakes, we felt it was essential that children learn to swim in case they found themselves in a situation that was on or near water. We had conversations with other parents about the hassle of taking their children to brick and mortar swim schools. Doing this means getting the kids ready, packed and loaded into the car, getting them changed at the lesson and then traveling back home after the lesson. The benefits of learning to swim were being out-shadowed by the tremendous effort parents were taking to actually get their kids to swim lessons. There are very few swim schools that bring the instruction to the family with a focus on customer service. Our purpose is to connect water, safety and fun at your pool!

The biggest challenge our business faces is keeping up with demand and scalability. As we become more popular, we are finding it increasingly difficult keeping up with demand. We have also been approached about expanding and creating satellite locations, which will allow us to deliver the swim instruction children need and deserve. This demand allows us to hire more instructors, but finding the right people with the necessary commitment to our company's values is challenging. 

Being a traveling swim school, we're also limited by the seasons — we do conduct some lessons at a local high school pool, however, that has been an offshoot of our initial focus and is simply a way to accommodate our clients' needs.

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