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Start Your Business Success Stories

Small Business Snapshot: Hardy Coffee

Small Business Snapshot: Hardy Coffee Credit: Hope Jewell Photography

Company name: Hardy Coffee Co.
Website: http://www.hardycoffee.com/
Founded: March 2015

Director of Wholesale Westin Miller shared the story behind Hardy Coffee Co., an Omaha based coffee company.

This photo is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the work we do to provide Omaha with approachable, locally-roasted coffee. In this photo our team is doing a cupping, a method of tasting coffee that checks for objective quality while allowing us to showcase the particular strengths of each coffee we roast. It’s kind of like the coffee industry’s version of a wine tasting. 

Hardy exists for two simple reasons: we love coffee, and we love our city. Omaha continually inspires us with its creativity, passion, and perseverance. It produces some of the best music, most delicious food, and most innovative leaders in the world, and we want to provide the coffee to match.

For Hardy, our biggest challenge is also our passion. We work hard to make excellent coffee approachable, and being approachable means being willing to engage the customer wherever they are. Hardy coffee is enjoyed by everyone from industry professionals and self-proclaimed connoisseurs to first-time coffee drinkers. Engaging such a broad spectrum of preferences while maintaining a high standard of quality takes a lot of work, but it's work we love.

We come to work because we recognize the important role coffee can play in connecting, changing, and fueling our community. For our team, this isn’t just a nice idea, it’s how we live our lives. Once we’ve shut own the roaster at the end of a long work day, our team is busy making a real impact on the city, attending city council meetings, canvassing neighborhoods, and engaging neighbors to talk about causes like literacy and economic development in Omaha. 

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