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Start Your Business Success Stories

Small Business Snapshot: inBalance

Small Business Snapshot: inBalance Credit: Joy Photography

Company name: inBalance
Website: www.inbalancesanantonio.com
Founded: 2012

Owner Hope Cowgill shared the story behind inBalance, a fitness studio that provides classes in all levels of yoga, Pilates, barre and more.

This photo represents everything we are about at inBalance. We help our students find balance in life and we do more than just teach fitness classes — we also provide a sense of community for our members and help them achieve personal growth.

I have had a passion for rhythm and movement since I could walk, and danced my way through high school and on my college dance team before discovering the benefits of Pilates and the mindfulness of yoga. After a decade of teaching fitness, I had the opportunity fulfill my dreams and acquire a space in San Antonio. I quit my full time job of teaching and coaching and opened inBalance in 2012, to help others enjoy the exhilaration of dance and the peace-of-mind that true health brings.

The biggest challenge I face is staying one step ahead of my competition. The fitness and wellness industry is very competitive; there is always a new fad or method that is popular for a period of time, then it's time for another fad. I work hard to stay abreast of these changes and adjust my class offerings accordingly. Yoga and Pilates never go out of style and these classes remain consistent in my schedule; however, I love to change things up periodically to keep people excited about working out. This is a challenge, though, because it requires me to keep wearing that creative hat and think outside the box!

I think what keeps us unique is that we have something for everyone. Whereas most studios focus on one specific type of class (e.g. only yoga, only Pilates, only barre etc.), our class schedule combines all of these methods and more.  And since we offer all levels of classes, you can practice at your own pace and even choose a different class based on your energy level for that day. For example, if you want to sit, stretch and meditate, we have that. Or, if you want to sweat buckets and leave exhausted, we have that, too.

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