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Start Your Business Success Stories

Small Business Snapshot: Beachbikes

Small Business Snapshot: Beachbikes Credit: Mike Smolowe/Beachbikes

Company name: Beachbikes
Website: www.beachbikes.com
Founded: 2005

Creative director Nathaniel Jude Heres shared the story behind Beachbikes, a retail site that sells customizable beach bikes.

This photo shows the culture of Beachbikes. We're all about being out in the sun and enjoying life, and we approach every day with the idea of living life to the fullest. When you're on a Beachbike, you're moving free and you're having fun.

Our business started when co-founder Dustin Gyger moved from Chicago to Hermosa Beach, Calif. and saw a type of bicycle riding he had never seen before — people were riding beach bikes along the Hermosa Beach Strand and they looked like they were having the times of their lives. Dustin immediately bought one and knew he needed to get these bikes into everyone's hands, so he and his partner popped open their garage in Hermosa Beach and started selling them.

The biggest challenge for us is getting people to realize that they don't need to live near a beach to own a Beachbike. You can find your own beach anywhere — it could be on a college campus, in the city or at the park. Mostly we just want all of our customers to actually get on their bikes and have fun, so we will even help find or set up group rides for them.

The most interesting thing about Beachbikes right now is our customizer tool. Customers first pick out which model bike and how many speeds they want, and from there, they can chose what color frame, rims and fenders they'd like. They can top it off by adding any accessories to really make it their own, and even choose a name for their bike.