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9 Amazing Summer Jobs to Apply For Today

9 Amazing Summer Jobs to Apply For Today
Credit: Rich Carey/Shutterstock

Are you tired of sitting at a desk all day, unable to enjoy the warm, sunny weather? If you're looking for a job that screams "summer fun," you're in luck — there are plenty of interesting, adventure-filled jobs around the United States with job openings right now.

Job search engine Indeed put together a list of the top jobs associated with fun summertime activities. Whether you want to work with animals, pyrotechnic special effects or your favorite sports team, there's a job for you.

From park ranger to seal trainer and everything in between, here are the coolest jobs to apply to this summer.

Entertainment Pyrotechnician, Legoland – Winter Haven, Florida

This position at the Legoland theme park in Florida requires someone with two years of experience who can assist with the installation, operation and safe handling and storage of pyrotechnics, flame effects and other special effects. To apply, go here

Entertainment Techs, Six Flags New England – Agawam, Massachusetts

This fun theme-park position covers tech support for entertainment venues at Six Flags New England and includes activities like sound, lighting, wardrobe, setup and laser technology. Apply here

Animal Keeper (Night Hunters), Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden – Cincinnati

Aspiring zookeepers will love this position at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's Night Hunters exhibit, which features nocturnal predators and wildcats. Apply here. [10 Strange and Clever Animal Businesses ]

Giant Ocean Tank Intern, New England Aquarium – Boston

If you're scuba-certified and are looking to work with underwater creatures, this internship assisting in the Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium might just be the perfect position for you. Apply here.

Trainer, Pinniped Show, Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta

This position as the pinniped trainer at the Georgia Aquarium gets the seal of approval. Responsibilities include the daily care, behavioral conditioning and training of seals. Apply here

Guest Services Event Staff Supervisor, D.C. United (MLS) – Washington, D.C.

Do you love soccer? This position for Major League Soccer team D.C. United requires someone who can supervise a staff of ushers and ticket takers to work all of the team's games and events. Apply here

Pool Manager, Grand Hotel – Mackinac Island, Michigan

The pool manager at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island is responsible for assisting guests at the hotel's pool, along with other recreational amenities like the golf course and tennis courts. Apply here

Park Ranger, National Park Service – Ajo, Arizona

If you want to spend your days hiking, educating park visitors and creating new programs to improve the National Park Service, this job at the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Arizona might be a good fit. Apply here

Director of Community Affairs, MLB – New York

For big fans of America's pastime, this is a dream job. The director of community affairs position with Major League Baseball requires seven years of experience and is for someone who can handle MLB community issues and play a key role in business operations. Apply here

All job listings are current at time of writing.

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