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Grow Your Business Technology

Twitter Launches New Mobile Targeting Tools for Advertisers

twitter, social media, tips, mobile targeting
Credit: Denys Prykhodov/Shutterstock

Do you advertise on Twitter, but want to reach more active users? The key is in your mobile strategy.

More than 80 percent of the social network's active users engage on the platform from their mobile devices, according to Twitter's advertising blog. And this week, the company released two new tools to help advertisers connect with Twitter's mobile users: mobile carrier targeting and new mobile device targeting.

With the first tool, mobile carrier targeting, advertisers will be able to reach Twitter users based on their mobile carriers (i.e., if you wanted to reach only users on the Verizon network, you could do so).

But why is mobile carrier targeting useful? Twitter highlighted three ways advertisers can use the new tool to their benefit:

  1. Mobile carriers can create a loyalty campaign on Twitter that targets only their customers and excludes users who have other carriers. Alternatively, mobile carriers can create a customer acquisition campaign and target users who don't already subscribe to their service.
  2. App marketers and mobile manufacturers can drive performance by creating custom content that is tailored to people based on their carriers.
  3. Other advertisers can target users of specific carriers if they know that those carriers' user demographics closely align with the advertisers' campaigns.

The second tool, new mobile-device targeting, allows advertisers to target or exclude users who have recently accessed Twitter on a new mobile device or carrier. This is especially helpful for mobile app marketers; Twitter noted that these advertisers can now more easily reach people who are likely looking for apps to install on their new devices.

These new tools are now available in addition to other mobile targeting tools that Twitter rolled out earlier this year, including targeting by mobile operating system, specific device and Wi-Fi connectivity.

"Now advertisers will be able to reach the right audience on Twitter even more precisely and efficiently," the company wrote.