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Etsy Sales Get Social with New Commerce Platform Shoppost

Etsy Sales Get Social with New Commerce Platform Shoppost
Credit: mtkang/Shutterstock

Buying and selling on Etsy just got a whole lot more social thanks to Shoppost, a social commerce platform that allows online retailers to "sell where they share online."

Shoppost, by parent company Zantler, is now officially available to Etsy users and gives sellers the ability to sell their products in-stream on top social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

So how exactly does Shoppost work?

Posts (called "shopposts") act as regular social media posts but resemble e-commerce storefronts and include images and important product details like availability, sizing, colors and pricing. Shopposts also feature a buy button, which, when clicked, takes customers from the social media post directly to the merchant's Etsy-branded shopping cart. [Handmade Success Secrets from an Etsy Pro ]

"Many of our customers are extremely active on social media, but until now there was no compelling way to engage with and sell to them where they spend so much of their time online," said Kate Lauter, Etsy merchant and Shoppost customer ShopKingDude

"Shoppost gives us that capability by bringing our storefront to life across all of the major social networks with up-to-date info on color, size availability and pricing from our Etsy page."

Etsy is the first online marketplace to offer Shoppost to its merchants, though Amazon made the platform generally available to retailers that use the Amazon Webstore last month, according to Zantler.

In addition to the Etsy integration, Zantler is launching a "share to Tumblr" button in the Shoppost platform. This option gives merchants the ability to post shopposts to Tumblr with a single click — a feature that was previously only available to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And making online shopping more social seems to be a natural fit for future success, especially on mobile platforms.

"Shopposts were designed to drive better engagement and conversion for merchants on social and mobile, and our early data shows we're successfully delivering on that promise. We're seeing a 22 percent engagement rate with shopposts on Facebook, and 42 percent of all engagement with shopposts are happening on mobile," said David Robb, CEO of Zantler.