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Grow Your Business Social Media

Twitter Introduces 'Tailored Audiences from Mobile Apps'

Twitter Introduces 'Tailored Audiences from Mobile Apps'
Credit: Anson0618/Shutterstock

Mobile app companies: want an easier way to grow ROI (return on investment) for your social marketing campaigns? Twitter has just the solution.

The social networking giant recently announced 'tailored audiences from mobile apps,' a new feature that gives advertisers the ability to target specific types of users. Tailored audiences from mobile apps will make getting exactly what you want out of your ads a lot simpler.

So how does the new option work?

In your app engagement campaigns, you can filter out Twitter users in specific stages so that you only reach the users you want to reach. For example, if you're an e-commerce app trying to acquire new users, Twitter noted on its advertising blog that you might target new users by interest, keywords and their geolocation while excluding new users who already have the app installed, but may not have registered yet. [5 Mobile Apps Stats You Should Know ]

If you are looking to engage those users who have installed the app but haven't signed up yet, you could target them while excluding registered users, according to Twitter. And to drive your current users to purchase, the company suggested targeting your registered users, but excluding those who already make purchases.

And you're not limited to those filters, either.

"With tailored audiences from mobile apps, you can also combine different types of tailored audiences — from mobile apps, from lists and from website visitors — for user acquisition and remarketing strategies to maximize the reach and efficiency of your campaigns," the company wrote.

In these ways, advertisers can avoid wasting their campaigns on users who don't meet their target audience specifications, and pinpoint the valuable users they want to reach — all of which contributes to a higher ROI.

Advertisers aren't the only ones with options, however. Twitter users have privacy choices in their settings so that they can also filter out unwanted ads.

"Twitter users can easily uncheck the box in their privacy settings next to 'Tailor ads based on information shared by ads partners,' and Twitter will not match their accounts to information for tailored audiences," the company explained.

Users also have similar options on mobile. Twitter explained that iOS users can select the "limit ad tracking" setting, while Android users can choose to "opt out of interest-based advertising."

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