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Grow Your Business Security

For Small Businesses, Bad Backup Can Lead to Data Loss

Nearly half of small businesses (42 percent) say they have experienced data loss, according to a new survey. For nearly one-third of those companies (32 percent), the files are lost forever.

Many small businesses put their data at risk by using physical devices to back up their computers, with 86 percent of them indicating that they rely on a physical device or some or all of their backup requirements. These devices include external hard drives (42 percent), USB/flash memory sticks (38 percent) and CDs/DVDs (25 percent), according to survey sponsor, Carbonite, an online backup service.

“Relying on physical devices as the sole backup method leaves businesses vulnerable to data loss and less efficient, since the process for backing up to physical devices is almost always manual,” said David Friend, Carbonite’s CEO and chairman.

Small business owners who back up data themselves are spending a significant amount of time on the administrative task of backup. Among survey respondents, 65 percent reported that the owner of the business was responsible for data backup.

“Downtime is crippling to businesses,” said Friend. “It’s critical for business owners to focus their time working on the business instead of in the business.”