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Grow Your Business Social Media

3 Ways to Boost Business with Pinterest Analytics

3 Ways to Boost Business with Pinterest Analytics
Credit: Dr. Cloud/Shutterstock

You may have a Pinterest account for your business, but are you taking full advantage of the platform's analytics tools? If not, you could be missing out on valuable information that could help you boost your Pinterest presence (and maybe even sales, too!).

Pinterest's analytics tools can show you a lot about how your business is performing on the social network and how often people click through to your website. But most importantly, Pinterest analytics shows you your top pins. This information is crucial to making your social strategy stronger.

On Pinterest's blog, the company broke down what the data about your top pins means for your business:

  • Impressions: This refers to the number of times a pin showed up in the home feed, search results and category feeds. If a pin has high impressions, it means that people are actively looking for that content.
  • Repins: This refers to the number of times someone saved your pin to a board. If a pin has high repins, it means that people find that content interesting enough to save and share.
  • Clicks: This refers to the number of times that users click a link to your site from pins on your Pinterest profile. If a pin has a high number of clicks, it means that people want to learn more about, take action on or purchase that content. [How to Create a Pinterest Page for Your Business ]

Businesses can take advantage of this data in a number of ways. Pinterest highlighted three tips for making the most out of your top pins.

1. Show off top pins on your website.One Pinterest-approved tip: Create a "most pinned" section on your website. Doing so will catch the attention of your website's visitors (especially those who are Pinterest users but don't follow your business yet). This will also show off your top products.

"By showcasing top pins, you'll give visitors a clear idea of this season's can't-miss items," wrote Kathleen Chen, community specialist at Pinterest. "You'll also help to drive more traffic to Pinterest, which leads to even more followers and repins."

2. Take advantage of your email campaigns. Chen noted that if your pins are popular on Pinterest, they're likely to be attention-grabbers in your emails as well. She cited a recent campaign by Sony as an example of just how well this can work.

"Sony sent out a dedicated, visual email about Pinterest to make people aware of their pins," Chen wrote. "It led to an open rate that was 67 percent higher than their set goal and a click-through rate that was 16 percent above their goal."

3. Get promotional. For businesses that pin their products to Pinterest, offering promotions or discounts on popular pinned items could be the way to go. Just make sure you do it the right way.

"Since Pins last forever on Pinterest, offer promotions after people click through to your site, rather than on the pin's description or image," Chen advised.

This is also a good time to take advantage of Pinterest's "rich pins" feature, Chen wrote. Rich pins for products show off special information like real-time pricing and availability, and they notify pinners when the price drops.