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Grow Your Business Technology

Dropbox for Business Now Integrates with Popular Business Apps

Dropbox for Business Now Integrates with Popular Business Apps
Credit: Dropbox

If you use a cloud storage service, chances are it stores data from all areas of your business, with files and documents from a wide range of apps. If you use Dropbox for Business, there's now an easier way to use the cloud storage and file-sharing platform with apps you use the most.

Dropbox announced this week a new capability that lets businesses integrate Dropbox for Business with existing business solutions. The new Dropbox for Business API connects the Dropbox platform with hundreds of thousands of apps, so business users can easily use Dropbox with the rest of their workflow.

Here's what the Dropbox for Business API has to offer and how it can help your business. [Dropbox for Business: Top 3 Features]

Third-party integration

The Dropbox for Business API opens Dropbox for businesses that need its cloud storage and file-sharing capabilities the most. From productivity to document management, customer relationship management (CRM), communications, collaboration, security and more, Dropbox can now integrate with more than 300,000 business apps, including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Wufoo, DocuSign, Trello, Wunderlist, Cisco WebEx Meetings, Vimeo, Heroku, IFTTT and Zapier. 

Simplified processes

Integrating Dropbox with the rest of your workflow streamlines all of your data, allowing you to quickly get things done. With the new Dropbox for Business API, Dropbox promises several ways companies can improve their operations, including:

  • Data migration and backup. Transfer and back up data between apps and locations with apps like Mover and SkySync.
  • Data loss prevention. Use security apps like CloudLock, CirroSecure, Skyhigh Networks and Elastica to manage data in your Dropbox for Business account. Benefits include increased security, encryption capabilities and even compliance functionality for sensitive data stored in the cloud.
  • Identity management. Authenticate team and individual identities in your Dropbox for Business account with identity management and single-sign-on (SSO) solutions you already use. Options include Active Directory, Centrify, Microsoft Azure, OneLogin, Ping Identity and many more.
  • IT visibility. Monitor employee activity, control sensitive data and have more visibility by integrating security information and event management (SIEM) and analytics tools like as Splunk, Domo and General Audit Tool.
  • eDiscovery and legal. Securely manage and access electronically stored information (ESI) on Guidance and Nuix with Dropbox, making it easier to respond to eDiscovery requests, litigation, arbitration, investigations and other legal processes.   

[For a side-by-side comparison of the best cloud storage service, visit our sister site Top Ten Reviews.]

Use Dropbox with proprietary apps

The new Dropbox for Business API isn't just for popular third-party business solutions — developers can also use the API to create custom workflows and integrate Dropbox into enterprise systems and proprietary apps.

Developers have four types of Dropbox for Business options, depending on the type of permissions, policies and management capabilities they need:

  • Team information. Gather information about the team and user data.
  • Team auditing. Includes a detailed log of teams' activities.
  • Team member file access. Team members can also perform any activity.
  • Team member management. All of the above, plus the ability to add, edit and delete team members.

Learn more about how to use the Dropbox for Business API by attending a free webinar.

Sara Angeles

Sara is a tech writer with a background in business and marketing. After graduating from UC Irvine, she worked as a copywriter and blogger for nonprofit organizations, tech labs and lifestyle companies. She started freelancing in 2009 and joined Business News Daily in 2013. Follow Sara Angeles on Twitter @sara_angeles.