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Grow Your Business Social Media

Pinterest Product Pins Boost Sales This Holiday Season

Pinterest Product Pins Boost Sales This Holiday Season
Credit: Denys Prykhodov/Shutterstock

It's the most wonderful time of the year — holiday shopping season, that is. And what's the best way to add to your business' seasonal success? Social marketing, of course. Especially on Pinterest.

Pinterest users are much more likely to shop online than the average person. Specifically, 93 percent of these "pinners" shopped online within the last six months, Nielsen data shows, and according to Comscore, women on Pinterest are 30 percent more likely to shop or buy online than the average woman. Pinterest reported the data on the company's business blog

Pinners also spend 50 percent more money on average than users of other social channels, and 20 percent more than people referred from nonsocial channels, including search, according to research from Wayfair.com.

If you want to take advantage of Pinterest's purchasing influence this holiday season, here are some helpful tips straight from the company's blog. (Bonus: These tips work well year-round, too!) [Holiday Shopping 2014: How to Prepare Your Business ]

1. Ensure that all your links are useful (and more importantly, that they work). Pinterest users don't always just pin things to purchase later; sometimes they want to buy items right away.

"[Sometimes pinners] just click through to make the purchase," wrote Sadia Latifi, writer and content strategist at Pinterest. "Don't disappoint them with a broken link or an unrelated page they can't take action on."

Latifi advised businesses to link their pins to product or purchase pages, or at least to a place where users can get more information.

2. Make the most out of mobile. Seventy-five percent of all Pinterest usage occurs via mobile devices, according to the company. This means that your mobile website has to be up to snuff, so users can make purchases on the go, too.

"The way your mobile website works can make the difference between someone making a purchase or giving up," Latifi wrote.

So don't just pin something and move on; test out your pins from all different devices. This will help you get a sense for how pinners experience your posts, Latifi wrote.

3. Most importantly, businesses should take advantage of "product pins." Nearly 2 million people save product pins to one of their Pinterest boards every single day, according to Pinterest.

Unfamiliar with product pins? They're a type of "rich pin," which Pinterest defines as "pins that include extra information right on the pin itself." (Other types of rich pins include movie, recipe, article and place pins.) Essentially, product pins contain information conducive to helping pinners purchase items they want, instead of just saving them for later. This information includes real-time pricing and availability, as well as where to buy the item. And users who pin a product pin get notified when the price drops, too.

"The extra branding gives your stuff credibility, and you'll show up in the Pinterest Gifts category, too," Latifi wrote, noting that product pins (along with other rich pins) appear higher in search results.