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Temp to Hire: 4 Ways to Get the Job

Temp to Hire: 4 Ways to Get the Job
Credit: Nonnakrit/Shutterstock

In the eyes of employers, temporary positions can be just as valuable as full-time jobs for some employees, new research suggests.

The majority of senior managers surveyed said that when it comes to evaluating a job candidate's work background, a long period of consistent temporary assignments is comparable to full-time employment, according to a study from staffing services firm OfficeTeam.

Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, said that as more companies rely on interim professionals for their staffing needs, employers are seeing the value of temporary work on a résumé.

"Temporary assignments help job seekers build new skills, gain exposure to a variety of industries and learn to adapt to different work environments," Hosking said in a statement.

To help employees get the most out of their temporary positions, OfficeTeam offered several tips:

  • Aim to impress: Approach each temporary assignment as you would a full-time job. You never know if it will eventually turn into a full-time position.  
  • Be personable: Even if the assignment is only scheduled to last a few days,take the time to get to know the employees and managers you are working with. Talking to colleagues in the break room or during lunch can help expand your professional network.
  • Seek variety: Challenge yourself by accepting projects that allow you to bolster your skills and marketability.
  • Show off: Include temporary work on your résumé. Highlight responsibilities and accomplishments from assignments as bullet points within this section.

"On their résumés and during interviews, candidates should make clear how their temporary work is relevant to the position for which they're applying," Hosking said.

The study was based on telephone interviews with more than 300 senior managers in the United States at companies with 20 or more employees.  

Originally published on Business News Daily.

Chad Brooks

Chad Brooks is a Chicago-based freelance writer who has nearly 15 years experience in the media business. A graduate of Indiana University, he spent nearly a decade as a staff reporter for the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago, covering a wide array of topics including, local and state government, crime, the legal system and education. Following his years at the newspaper Chad worked in public relations, helping promote small businesses throughout the U.S. Follow him on Twitter.

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