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Grow Your Business Technology

Acer Chromebook 13: Top 3 Business Features

Acer Chromebook 13: Top 3 Business Features
The Chromebook 13 runs on Chrome OS. / Credit: Acer

Acer's new 13-inch Chromebook offers zippy performance, a large display and long battery life. And it comes at an affordable price, even by Chromebook standards, so it's a good deal for small business owners in the market for an inexpensive work machine.

Like other Chromebooks, Acer's new notebook runs on Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system designed by Google. Chrome OS is essentially a souped-up version of Google's Chrome Web browser, meaning that Chromebook users must rely on Web applications instead of desktop software. If you need a notebook that can run a particular Windows or Mac program, then Google's platform probably isn’t for you. But if you're in the market for an affordable computer for basic tasks like managing your email inbox and browsing the Web, it might suit your needs. With that in mind, read on for three features that make the Acer Chromebook 13 worth a look.

13-inch display

Acer's Chromebook 13 is the follow-up to the company's Chromebook C720P, a more compact 11.6-inch machine. The 13-inch screen on Acer's new Chromebook makes for a larger device, but strikes a better balance between portability and productivity; small laptops like Apple's MacBook Air also feature 13-inch displays. Unlike the Chromebook C720P, however, the Chromebook 13 doesn't have a touch screen display. That omission isn't likely to bother most business users, who usually opt for the more precise pointing afforded by the trackpad anyway.

Battery life

In addition to featuring a 13-inch screen, Acer says the Chromebook 13 boasts up to 13 hours of battery life on a charge. That means you can count on the machine to make it through the end of the workday and beyond.


Feature for feature, Acer's $299 Chromebook 13 is a better value than its closest competitor, Samsung's 13-inch Chromebook 2, which costs $399. Acer's device has similar hardware, but it boasts a newer Nvidia processor that should provide slightly faster and more responsive performance. Samsung's pricier laptop has a decidedly more premium look than the white plastic of the Chromebook 13.

Brett Nuckles

Brett Nuckles has been a working journalist since 2009. He got his start in local newspapers covering community news, local government, education and more before he joined the Business News Daily staff in 2013. He graduated from Ohio University, where he studied Journalism and English. Follow him on Twitter @BrettNuckles.