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5 Ways To Use Twitter at #MagentoImagine Conference


Hi, attendees of Magento’s inaugural Imagine e-commerce conference.

Bookmark and use this guide — which is the only place where you'll find a comprehensive list of all speakers' Twitter usernames — to share your experience with the other 500-plus attendees from 27 countries, speakers and your followers. And for people who can't attend but are interested in e-commerce news and trends, follow the hashtag #MagentoImagine to see a stream of tweets about the conference, which focuses on the future of e-commerce and the strategies and tools that will lead innovation in the industry.

The guide also provides five simple ways to use the popular micro-blogging Web site to enhance your conference experience on Feb. 7-9 at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles.

Feel free to follow the speakers listed below, and be sure to follow @BAHjournalist to receive live updates and tweets with links to exclusive stories and photographs.

5 ways to use Twitter at #MagentoImagine

  • 1) Share what you’re learning with your followers who aren’t at the conference by live tweeting sessions you attend. To do this, quote speakers and facts from their presentations. For example, if Magento CEO Roy Rubin were speaking right now, you could tweet something like this: “I have no doubt our inaugural (conference) will be a solid building block for future conferences to come,” says @RoyRubin05 #MagentoImagine
  • 2) Schedule “tweetups,” which are face-to-face meetings set up via Twitter. Organize get-togethers for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night festivities. Example tweet:

  • 3) Then, tweet about whom you are meeting and having face-to-face conversations with at the conference. Example tweet: Lunch at @InNOutBurger was tons of fun w/ @aschroder, @benmarks and @lina003, who all taught me so much about e-commerce. #MagentoImagine
  • 4) Interact with speakers and attendees before, during and after sessions. Tweet about how excited you are for an upcoming session. Tweet questions to fellow attendees regarding something a speaker is saying. Or inquire, with a tweet, what people thought about a session you all just attended. Example tweet: Hi @BAHjournalist, thanks for live tweeting the session I couldn’t attend. What were @Alfred_Lin's tips for online ventures? #MagentoImagine
  • 5) Thank speakers, conference organizers and the hotel if you’re enjoying yourself. Example tweet: Kudos to @Magento and LAX @HiltonOnline for putting on #MagentoImagine. I’m learning plenty from awesome speakers like Twitter’s @AdamBain.

Keynote speakers (In alphabetical order by last name)

  • Warren Adelman (@asocialcontract): president and COO at The Go Daddy Group
  • Naveed Anwar (@nanwar): senior director at Pay Pal X Developer Network
  • Adam Bain (@AdamBain): president of revenue at Twitter
  • Yoav Kutner (@yoavmagento): co-founder and CTO of Magento
  • Alfred Lin (@Alfred_Lin): COO at Zappos
  • Marten Mickos (@martenmickos): CEO of Eucalyptus Systems and former CEO at MySQLAB
  • Blake W. Nordstrom (n/a; company: @Nordstrom): president and director at Nordstrom
  • Bob Schwartz (@bobschwartz): president at Magento
  • Brian Walker (@bkwalker): principle analyst of E-Commerce at Forrester Research

Breakout session speakers (In alphabetical order by last name)

  • Ken Bausch (n/a; company: @oneida_ltd): vice president at Oneida
  • John Eckman (@jeckman): senior practice director at Optaros
  • Ethan Giffin (@opie): CEO at Groove Commerce
  • Hinnerk Gnutzmann (n/a; bio): technology expert
  • Erik Hansen (@hansensouthbend): director of technology at Classy Llama Studios
  • Philippe Humeau (@philippe_humeau): CEO at NBS System
  • Jon Jessup (n/a; company: @cloudconversion): founder and CEO of Cloud Conversion
  • Vinai Kopp (@VinaiKopp): consultant and trainer at Magento
  • Jochen Krisch (@jkrisch): managing director at Exciting Ecommerce
  • Rich Lyons (@richlyons): CEO at Lyons Consulting Group
  • Doug McIver (n/a; company: @magento): vice president of product management at Magento
  • Ryan Melamed (n/a; company page): director of digital marketing and commerce at Easton-Bell Sports
  • Alexey Samorukov (n/a; company: @magento): system administrator at Magento
  • Kevin Schroeder (@kpschrade): technology evangelist at Zend Technologies
  • Andy Schroepfer (@appmatcher): vice president of strategy at Rackspace
  • Dmitriy Soroka (@dmitriysoroka): system architect at Magento
  • Alistair Stead (@alistairstead): technical team lead at Session Digital, an Ibuildings Company
  • Bernardine Wu (@bernardinewu): founder and CEO of FitForCommerce

*NOTE: If we excluded your name or Twitter handle please leave comment below and we'll add you.

At the conference, Magento will make two “major” announcements regarding a new product that “will take online retailers where they want to go” and regarding company news that “will invigorate those looking to make their e-commerce dreams come true.”

“Our primary goal with Magento was to develop a platform that put the control back in the hands of the online merchant, and our upcoming product announcements at the Imagine Conference will take us back to the roots of that original mission,” said Roy Rubin, co-founder and CEO of Magento.

“Our company announcement, which represents a major contribution to the e-commerce world, will help people realize their e-commerce goals,” Rubin added. “I have no doubt our inaugural Imagine conference will be a solid building block for future conferences to come.”

Reach BusinessNewsDaily staff writer Brian Anthony Hernandez at Bhernandez@TechMediaNetwork.com. Follow him on Twitter: @BAHjournalist.