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Grow Your Business Technology

Samsung Knox 2.0 Makes Galaxy S5 Ready for Business

Samsung Knox 2.0 Makes Galaxy S5 Ready for Business
Knox 2.0 rolled out to all Galaxy S5 units this week. / Credit: Samsung

A major update to Samsung's Knox security software this week will help Galaxy S5 owners get down to business. Knox 2.0 is a suite of applications for Samsung's new flagship phone that can help keep sensitive data secure, and thus makes it safer for business owners and employees to use the S5 as a business phone. Knox 2.0 rolled out to all Galaxy S5 units this week, and will become available on other Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 3, in the coming weeks. Here's how it can benefit your business.

Knox Workspace

Knox Workspace is the primary feature of Knox 2.0. Essentially, it lets you run business apps in a secure "container" that’s separate from the rest of your smartphone, to ensure that private and confidential business data can't be accessed by other applications.

Knox Marketplace

The Knox Marketplace is a special app store containing a variety of business apps with added security features. So far, the store contains a secure email client, calendar, address book, notebook, task manager, Web browser, document viewer and camera.

Knox EMM

Knox EMM is a set of tools that allows Galaxy S5 devices to be controlled remotely by business owners or IT departments. It provides access to restrict which apps can be downloaded on business phones, as well as the ability to remotely wipe devices. That makes the Galaxy S5 a good candidate for companies that want to deploy phones for business use, and also makes it better for bring-your-own-device workplaces.

Knox Wallet

Knox Wallet can divide bills to be paid separately for personal and business use of the Galaxy S5. It allows for separate payments for personal calls and work calls, so work calls can be charged directly to the company instead of the individual.

Brett Nuckles

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