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Grow Your Business Sales & Marketing

On Web, Americans Search for Ways to Start Small Businesses

"We are what we search for." That seems to be the new mantra as search engine data increasingly provides us with an accurate reflection of ourselves and the things in which we’re most interested. And, according to recent research from Yahoo!, Americans are currently interested in starting their own businesses.

In January 2011, Yahoo saw a dramatic increase in Web searches on planning, funding and starting a business.  Yahoo! reports:

•Searches for “how to write a business plan” are up 746 percent on Yahoo!

•Searches for “starting a business” are up 451 percent

•Searches for “government small business loans” on Yahoo! are up 303 percent and “small business loans” up 145 percent

•Searches for “business ideas” are up 135 percent

Yahoo also conducted a new survey in conjunction with market research company Ipsos OTX MediaCT. The survey showed that half of respondents have either dreamed of starting their own business or have actually started a business.

The Yahoo! Small Business survey shows:

Twice as many small business owners than non-business owners say they are doing their dream job.

•Twice as many small business owners than non-business owners say they are doing their dream job.

•79 percent say the best thing about owning their own business is a flexible work schedule.

•61 percent of non-business owners say they want to start a business so they can earn a living while fueling personal passions.

•One in two (51 percent) have either dreamed about starting their own business or actually done something about it.

The survey data also shows the vast majority of those who dream of owning their own business say there are barriers to achieving their goal . The No. 1 barrier is money, and many cite the current economy as a high-risk factor.