Lenovo Yoga 2 13: A Flexible and More Affordable Business Ultrabook
The Yoga 2 13 retains most of the features that made the Yoga 2 Pro a great business machine. / Credit: Lenovo

Lenovo's refreshed Yoga 2 13 is a more affordable version of one of the best Ultrabooks around. Essentially, the $999 Yoga 2 13 is a slightly scaled-down version of the $1,199 Yoga 2 Pro, which launched last fall. That makes this 13.3-inch notebook a great value for serious business users who want a new mobile business companion with quality hardware and plenty of horsepower.

So what do you sacrifice by opting for the cheaper Yoga Ultrabook option? For starters, the Yoga 2 13 is thicker and heavier than the Yoga 2 Pro; though at 3.5 lbs it's still slim and light enough for most commuters and frequent travelers. You also lose the Pro model's speedy SSD; the Yoga 2 13 packs a standard spinning hard disk, which is responsible for some of the added bulk. The other major tradeoff is in the display. The Yoga 2 13 maxes out at a resolution of 1920 x 1080, compared with the Pro model’s 3200 x 1800 display, though it should be sharp enough to satisfy most business users.

Expect a few hardware concessions as well. The notebook packs a mid-range Intel Core i5 processor, not an i7. Otherwise, the Yoga 2 13 retains most of the features that made the Yoga 2 Pro a great business machine. It has the same premium keyboard, and it lives up to the Yoga name with a display that can fold a full 180 degrees back so the device can be used as a large tablet. The signature feature means the Yoga 2 13 is as well-equipped for casual content consumption as it is for productivity. Meanwhile, the notebook's 13.3-inch display is the right size for mobile users who need a machine that balances portability with productivity. The Yoga 2 13 is set to hit store shelves in February.