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Where You Should Job Hunt: 2011's Top 20 Hiring Cities

Bigger isn’t always better — particularly if you’re looking for a new job this year.

Job seekers should keep their eyes on several mid-sized cities aside from more populated metropolitan areas, according to a recently released list of the top 20 hiring cities.

“In 2011, you will see an increase in hiring in medium-sized cities such as Baltimore and Hartford, Conn.,” said Heidi Golledge, CEO of online career-guidance tool CareerBliss , which released the rankings.

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“Outranking the city of Houston, Baltimore owes its growth to their heavy concentration of jobs in the health, science and technology industries,” Golledge added. “When looking for a new career opportunity in 2011, it is vital to keep in mind not only the job and industry type but location.”

Top 20 hiring cities
(ranked by open job listings in 2010)

  1. New York: 779,778
  2. Washington: 695,566
  3. Chicago: 608,375
  4. Los Angeles: 528,870
  5. Philadelphia: 457,918
  6. Boston: 424,726
  7. Atlanta: 335,493
  8. Charlotte: 303,725
  9. Dallas: 293,691
  10. San Francisco: 283,080
  11. Seattle: 270,747
  12. Pittsburgh: 243,136
  13. Baltimore: 236,672
  14. Denver: 227,272
  15. San Jose, Calif.: 222,647
  16. Phoenix: 186,657
  17. Hartford, Conn.: 174,705
  18. Miami: 169,160
  19. Houston: 167,555
  20. San Diego: 149,513

In addition to high amounts of job listings, these cities also tend to hire for similar industries and positions.

Top job types
(based on more than 2 million job listings on CareerBliss.com)

  1. Information technology jobs: Top tech positions
  2. Sales jobs
  3. Engineering jobs
  4. Marketing jobs
  5. Health care jobs
  6. Accounting jobs
  7. Management jobs
  8. Manufacturing jobs
  9. Quality control jobs
  10. Nursing jobs

“Hiring is up across the board and 2011 is expected to be a banner year for not only particular cities but job seekers and companies alike,” Golledge said.

Reach BusinessNewsDaily staff writer Brian Anthony Hernandez at Bhernandez@TechMediaNetwork.com. Follow him on Twitter @BAHjournalist) and become his friend on Facebook (BAH Journalist) to stay updated on news about small businesses, technology, social media, consumer trends and workplace behavior.