Finance App Mint Launches on Windows Phone Credit: Mint

Small business owners using Windows Phone now have a great new option for personal finance management. Last week, Microsoft announced that money-tracking app Mint is now available on the Windows Phone platform. The app is already one of the most popular business apps available on iOS and Android devices.

Mint is billed as a personal finance app, but it's also a great tool for entrepreneurs and very small businesses to track spending and tweak budgets. The app prompts users to add bank accounts and credit cards, and then automatically pulls in and categorizes transactions as they occur. Then, it organizes the information into easy-to-read, interactive graphs to help small business owners understand where their money is going. In other words, Mint will keep your finances organized so you can focus on business operations.

The Windows Phone app lets you access more than account summaries; it also provides quick access to bill due dates and financial reminders, and even lets you apply for loans right from the app. The app's Live Tiles on the Windows Phone home screen cycles through information to give you a quick financial snapshot every time you unlock your phone.

A version of the Mint application for Windows 8 also launched last week, making it available on Windows 8 tablets and PCs, as well as on Windows Phones, for the first time.