Set yourself apart

Set yourself apart Credit: Colored paper image via Shutterstock

With the job market as competitive as ever, those looking for work can't always rely on their past experience and education to set them apart from the crowd.

To help get themselves on hiring managers' radar, many job seekers are using creatively designed résumés. Rick Mundon, founder of The Whole Orange— which helps clients create résumés, websites and marketing materials — said creative résumés show hiring managersthat you know how to go beyond just opening a Word document.

"A creative résumé sets the stage for who you are right from the start," Mundon told BusinessNewsDaily. "A creative résumé can show personality, job-specific knowledge and that you're different from the rest of the pile."

While he believes it is always appropriate to use creative résumés, Mundon said it is important to consider the job to which you're applying.

"A graphic artist, for example, has to compete with tons of other creative people," he said. "A résumé with a great use of color, angles and imagery will benefit this type of person."

On the other hand, someone applying for a position as a lawyercan be creative by using a simple typography trick or adding a splash of color.

"Creativity is relative to the position you're applying for and should be approached from that angle," Mundon said.

To show how creative résumés can be, Mundon offered some of his best designs:

An abstract layout

An abstract layout Credit: Colored paper image via Shutterstock

The abstract layout of the photographer is the benefit here. The image is heavy compared to the rest of the design, which forces the eye to gravitate toward the photographer's name and contact information.

A love of the brand

A love of the brand Credit: Colored paper image via Shutterstock

This résumé was for a woman who wanted to work for a Swiss luggage company. Using the company's brand as a base, we created this résumé with Swiss graphic-design elements, subtle leather texture and bright colors. The user was able to grab the company's attention with her enthusiasm of their brand.

Starting with the familiar

Starting with the familiar Credit: Colored paper image via Shutterstock

Everyone knows what Facebook looks like on the screen, and when a hiring manager is given an easy-to-read format that resembles a pop-culture design, he or she is immediately drawn in.

Clean cut

Clean cut Credit: Colored paper image via Shutterstock

This résumé is great for those who are applying to several positions. The layout is clean, offers a photo and draws in viewers with complementary colors.

A universal design

A universal design Credit: Colored paper image via Shutterstock

This is a universal design that has been received very well. Many have emailed our company telling us that employers love the creativity behind this design.

Straight to the point

Straight to the point Credit: Colored paper image via Shutterstock

Although this résumé is not as colorful as the rest, it performs very well. This design speaks to many positions with a very clear focus on the user's name and contact info.

Lines direct the eye

Lines direct the eye Credit: Colored paper image via Shutterstock

The user, who had an active and passionate personality, was applying to work in a popular motorcycle garage. Again, the name and contact information are easy to find within an explosive design. Everything seems to be moving at a fast pace, and the use of lines directs the viewer around the page.

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