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Grow Your Business Technology

Why the iPad is Easier to Work with Than Your Boss


I’ve spent a lot of time learning what the iPad is capable of doing. It’s great for listening to music and reading eBooks. Its easy to handle frame makes it ideal for surfing the Web from anywhere, sending email is a snap. Want to watch or even make a movie? No problem. Gamers have a blast with this thing and there seems to be no limit to the number of applications being created for the device.


In fact, more than any device in recent memory, the iPad has received nearly universal applause and admiration for its unique design and functionality. However, there is one segment out there not yet sold on the iPad— the business sector.

Well, I’m here to tell them to get over it. You’re missing the boat. The form factor is perfect for business professionals (sales guys, you must love using this device) and is in fact, most likely is easier to work with than your boss.

That’s right, I went there. And now you can go tell your boss I went there.

Here are my five reasons the iPad is easier to work with than your boss.

Long lasting.

Unlike your boss, the iPad doesn’t lose steam at 2p.m. You won’t find the device taking a nap or staring up at you all lazy-eyed like you just asked it the solve Fermat's Last Theorem. No, you can count on the iPad for the long haul, providing that extra energy when your team needs it most.

That is because the iPad’s battery is awesome. If you’re from Rhode Island it is wicked awesome. It has a minimum 10 hours of battery life; perfect for those cross country plane trips. I ran mine to 100 percent power when it first arrived and proceeded to operate it over the next few days for no less than 11 hours before it finally conked out.

Compare these battery life statistics:

Netbook:  Seven to eight  hours of battery life -- tops!
Laptop: Not even close. The average battery lasts six hours.
The Boss: Three hours, three and a half with coffee before recharging (nap anyone?) is necessary.

Task managers.

Sure, you’ve called your boss a taskmaster, but is he (yes, the boss can still be a 'he’) a good task manager? Well, within the iPad App ecosystem there are plenty of great task manager applications that make managing projects, organizing schedules and setting up meetings from any location a breeze.

If your planning on using the iPad for your SMB,  try these task management business apps on on for size:

  • OmniFocus
  • Taska for iPad
  • TiskTask
  • Things

In the field.

This is where the iPad excels. Working in the field can be an arduous responsibility, but it is what makes companies churn profit instead of burn profit. And if your organization is going to be a success, someone needs to be out there letting others know how wonderful you guys are. And believe me, you’re boss isn’t always going to leave his comfy downtown office to support you on a sales call in Anchorage.

For starters, the iPad is way easier to fire up than those plodding (in comparison) laptops. And sometimes you need have that killer money shot on the screen before you are politely asked to leave the premises.

And the iPad is on almost instantly.

In addition, an impressive array of CRM apps from companies like Salesforce.com and Oracle are already filling this vital niche and can help you track down leads on the fly.

Thinking and working right out the box.

Okay, I know, enough already with the thinking outside the box spiel. It’s so 2005. But I’m not talking about your boss’ pep talks here; I’m talking iPad functionality that ships with a set of applications like Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Notes and Safari.

This thing is ready to go when it lands on your desk. No costly set up for each employee.

As soon as it is out of the box, literally, you can flick through emails, open attachments and zoom in on the fine print that got you in trouble at your last job. The Maps function gives directions and checks traffic, the Notes function allows your team to capture and share ideas in meetings.

The Safari Web browser on iPad can log you on to the Internet whether its public news and business sites, or protected, internal Web pages. I mean, c’mon what do you people do that this wouldn’t work for you?

Also, don’t listen to excuses about the device not being secure enough for business use. Data on the iPad is secured with full device encryption and support for passcode and other remote management policies. And iPad’s worldwide 3G coverage gives users the ability to safely work and connect, even in the most remote locations.

The iPad can also integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and standards-based messaging environments to provide users push email, calendar and contacts. And iPad supports the most common corporate VPN and Wi-Fi protocols for secure access to your company’s networks.

A powerful platform for just about anything.

Finally, there are thousands of business apps at the App Store. Pick them yourself and make sure they are tailored to your business needs. If there isn't one that suits you (unlikely), you can build custom applications designed for specific company needs such as document management workflows, accounting and approval processes, and financial data tracking.

If you happen to be the IT guy, tell management to join the Apple iOS Developer Enterprise Program. You will be provided with all the tools needed to develop, design, and deploy proprietary, in-house apps for iPad.

And one more thing, I almost forgot: Unlike your boss, the iPad is pretty cool.