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4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Resume

job search . / Credit: Resume Image via Shutterstock

Forget all the bells and whistles; one expert says simplicity may be the best policy when it comes to crafting a resume.   

"It’s tough to stand out in such a competitive atmosphere. Luckily, there are several easy ways to attract employers with a strong resume," said Thomas Moran, CEO of Addison Group. "A resume is often the first impression potential employers will get, and it’s necessary to make it both informative and visually appealing."

Moran's tips include:

[25 Action Words to Include on Your Resume

Be precise — Resumes are not the place for run-on sentences. Keep bullets short and to the point. In addition, job seekers should remove first-person references to shorten and strengthen sentences.

“It’s your resume, so the first person is assumed. Applicants can also start each bullet or sentence with an action verb by removing the first-person pronoun. The result is a direct and stronger sentence,” Moran said.

Use keywords— When an HR employee is browsing resumes, there’s a good chance that there are a handful of words they’re specifically looking for.

"The best place to search for keywords is in the job posting," Moran said. "Look for ways to integrate buzzwords from the posting into your resume that will register with the computer program or employee who is screening resumes."

Prioritize — For applicants who have a lengthy employment history, it’s not necessary to include every position ever held. Focus on the experience that is relevant for the current job application and tailor it specifically.

Reformat— A great resume looks modern and is easy to read. Make sure your name and contact information is at the top and easy to find. In addition, a distracting or outdated font can give away an applicant's age, unfairly dating them. The traditional Times New Roman font is acceptable, but one that’s more modern is encouraged as well.

Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.

Dave Mielach

Dave started writing for BusinessNewsDaily as a freelance writer in May 2011 and was hired as a staff writer in October 2011. He graduated from Marist College with a B.A. in Communication and a business minor. Prior to writing for BusinessNewsDaily, he interned at The Poughkeepsie Journal and two Marist College publications. To find out what his latest project is, you can follow Dave on .

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