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SBA Creates Regional Twitter Accounts, Facebook Pages

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced an expanded online presence today (Dec. 16), touting the creation of Twitter accounts and Facebook pages devoted to its regional offices.

The agency started roaming the social-media landscape in June when it sent out its first tweet under the handle @SBAgov: “We're helping #smallbiz start, grow & succeed.” Now, the SBA has more than 4,600 “Likes” on Facebook and more than 2,400 followers on Twitter.

The expansion comes on the heels of a recent report that ranked the agency at No. 31 out of 100 public-sector institutions on how well they use the web, social media and mobile platforms to digitally market themselves and their content. The SBA earned the highest spot among organizations that influence entrepreneurs. “The SBA YouTube channel was recognized by Mashable as one of the top Internet resources for entrepreneurs,” researchers said in the report titled “Digital IQ Index .”

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“We’re expanding beyond the national to the regional to reach more businesses with locale-specific information,” Michael Stamler, director of the SBA's press office, told BusinessNewsDaily.

“We feel that increasingly, small business owners are looking online for the information they need and using those new resources to further their business. This is another example of our enhanced efforts to meet our constituents where they are and ensure they have access to the tools and information they need to start and grow their small business, and create jobs.”

To find which region you reside in, use this clickable guide we whipped together for you:

Region 1 – New England
Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 2 – Mid-Atlantic
Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, District of Columbia, West Virginia and Virginia
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 3 – Atlantic 
New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 4 – Southeast 
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 5 – Great Lakes
Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 6 – South Central 
Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 7 – Great Plains 
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 8 – Rocky Mountain
Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 9 – Pacific 
Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Guam
Twitter account
Facebook page

Region 10 – Pacific Northwest 
Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington 
Twitter account
Facebook page

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