Instagram & Pinterest Gain Favor Among Recruiters

Social media has become a standard part of nearly all companies' hiring processes, new research shows.

A study by the online recruiting platform Jobvite discovered that social recruiting is now being used by 94 percent of employers as a way to find top talent, up from 78 percent in 2008.

"It's no longer a question of 'are recruiters using social media,'" said Dan Finnigan, president and CEO of Jobvite. "It's a question of how."

The research shows recruiters are using social media in a variety of ways to aid hiring. Specifically, hiring managers use LinkedIn 93 percent of the time to search, contact and keep tabs on candidates in the hiring process, while 65 percent of those surveyed use Facebook and 47 percent use Twitter to help showcase the employer brand and company culture.

Additionally, those in charge of hiring continue to use social media even after sourcing and contacting potential candidates. More than 20 percent of those surveyed use Facebook or Twitter to vet applicants after the interview process.

The study discovered that in addition to the major social media sites, there is an increase in use of emerging, specialized and localized social networks, including GitHub, Yammer, Stackoverflow, Pinterest and Instagram

"Social recruiting provides a way to quickly and easily find those 'under the radar' candidates — people who might not be actively looking for a role, but who are a perfect fit for open positions at your company," Finnigan said.

The research found that overall, one-third of human resources professionals feel that social media recruiting has improved both the quantity and quality of candidates.

The study was based on surveys of more than 1,600 recruiting and human resources professionals.

Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.