Want to Buy a Business? Babson Can Help Credit: Dreamstime.com

For some would-be entrepreneurs, the only thing standing in the way of owning a business is a lack of ideas. If you already have the capital, you can purchase an established business and avoid a lot of the pitfalls many new startups face. But how do you choose the best venture? A new online program hosted by Babson College can help.

Launching on Oct. 7, "Buying a Small Business – Online" is a four-week Web-based program designed to teach entrepreneurs how to acquire small businesses. Babson professor Kevin Mulvaney will lead weekly virtual sessions on the challenges, process and peculiarities of buying a business. Participants in the program will receive 10 hours of instruction with self-paced, media-rich learning and activities.

"Small businesses are an important contributor to economies around the world through innovation, job creation and growth," reads the course description. "For entrepreneurs, small firms also present a unique value proposition and a wealth of opportunities."

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According to the program's website, 90 percent of small business buyers are first-timers who are unsure of what type of business to purchase. "Buying a Small Business" is aimed toward helping these individuals practice the buying process in a realistic, market-oriented way. Through lectures, case studies and discussions, participants will explore the intricacies of planning, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a small business; key aspects of financing and equity structure alternatives; and the reality and potential difficulties of the buying process.

New and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enrich their business background in a flexible, collaborative online environment should consider enrolling in Babson's new program.

"Buying a Small Business – Online" will run from Oct. 7 to Nov. 1, 2013. The program is open enrollment and is offered at a basic ($999) and premium ($1,749) level. Premium participants receive an hour-long one-on-one consultation with a Babson faculty member. For more information on the course, visit Babson.edu.

Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.