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How Your Website Can Keep 'Em Coming Back

entrepreneur . / Credit: Computer Screen Image via Shutterstock

Nothing makes people leave your website faster than getting there and finding out you don't have relevant information to offer.

Website visitors also say they are frustrated by slow load times of websites, the quality of the content on those sites and the trustworthiness of those sites. Visual appeal, ease of use and search ability are also important website features. 

[What Customers Really Want from Your Company Website]

Brands looking to fix those website issues can take a two-pronged approach, the Webreep Annual Online Consumer Behavior Reportfound. First, websites must be sure to tailor their goals to ensure they fall in line with those of their guests.   

"It is important brands recognize that individual pages should have a specific purpose, and that purpose should be to help a user achieve their goal," the Webreep report said. "If any page serves more than one purpose, the effectiveness is diluted. Brands should never simply cut and paste marketing copy into their website. A thorough analysis of user goals should be conducted before drafting website copy."

The researchers also suggest that websites can improve customer loyalty by ensuring the information on their site is relevant to what people are expecting when they visit.  Additionally, the researchers say that website designers must strive to be trustworthy and easy to use.

"If customers do not trust your website, they will defect to your competitors," the report said. "Trust is fundamental to attracting and keeping website visitors. If your website isn’t easy to use, your visitors will walk. The information on your website needs to be highly relevant and targeted to help your website visitors achieve their goals."

The research was based on data from 5,098 websites from 30 categories across the Internet. The research was conducted by website customer feedback tool Webreep. 

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