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Postling Infographic Shows How Businesses Use Social Media


Twitter is the most interactive social-media platform for small businesses, reveals Postling.

Statistics compiled by Postling — a website that allows time-strapped entrepreneurs to manage their social-media accounts all in one place — show 50 percent of the comments and replies businesses received while using its tool are from Twitter users, who also are likely their customers.

"That's a pretty high number," Alexis Lamster, Postling's vice president of customers, told BusinessNewsDaily. "Twitter is a more engaged and responsive platform than anything else — Facebook included."

Lamster created a graphic to show exactly how small businesses are using social media. This morning, she unveiled the graphic on Postling's blog and we reproduced it here with their permission. Here's a portion:

"We see things are starting to change on the small businesses front — more businesses are blogging, Twitter and Facebook have become more important than ever, and people are finding solutions to the inevitable time management problem that social media creates," Lamster wrote.

One of those time-management tools is Postling. In the second half of her graphic, Lamster breaks down why businesses turn to tools like Postling to help them save time and organize their social-media efforts.

Reach BusinessNewsDaily staff writer Brian Anthony Hernandez at Bhernandez@TechMediaNetwork.com. Follow him on Twitter (@BAHjournalist) and become his friend on Facebook (BAH Journalist) to interact or stay updated on news about small businesses.