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Mobile Devices Are the New Global Workplace Fixture

byod . / Credit: Mobile Device Image via Shutterstock

Personal devices are making their way into the office more and more, new research has found.

Overall, 41 percent of people from around the globe say they use their smartphone for work-related tasks. Thirty-seven percent of respondents say they use personal tablets for work tasks.

Respondents say they are using those devices for a number of reasons.  Chief among them is checking email. More than 90 percent of people say they use personal devices to read work email. Additionally, nearly 70 percent of respondents say they also use personal devices to download and use mobile apps.  

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The researchers also found that tablets were growing in popularity as a primary computer. Forty-three percent of respondents in the Middle East and Africa say their tablet is their primary computer, while 30 percent of respondents from Asia say tablets are their primary computer.  Just 19 percent of respondents in North America say they use their tablets as their primary computer.

"These findings should remove some of the doubt over the impact of mobile ads and the hesitancy to spend more on mobile marketing," said Matthew Yorke, CEO at IDG Global Solutions, which conducted the research. "Markets outside the United States should not be ignored for both the fast adoption of mobile and as trendsetters for other countries."

Mobile devices have also become a popular shopping tool for users as well. Overall, 56 percent of smartphone users and 73 percent of tablet users say they make personal purchases on their devices. Those numbers are even higher in North America where 75 percent of smartphone users and 84 percent of tablet users use devices to make purchases.

Those users are not only making purchases, though. The researchers found that mobile users are also more likely to click and interact with mobile advertisements on their devices.

"Mobile and tablet are becoming the preferred media consumption devices and are relied upon as users move from research to purchase," said Christina Carstensen, director of mobile strategy at IDG Global Solutions. "Users expect an experience tailored for a mobile screen when they access content on the go, so mobile optimization will be important for both marketers and media companies.”

The research was based on 25,601 responses.

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