Google-Backed App Enables Mobile Collaboration Credit: Global technology image via Shutterstock

Distributed teams have a new way to collaborate, wherever they are.

Launched by Boston-based Kibits Corp., is a Google Ventures-backed app that provides a unified platform for teams to work together via the Web or mobile devices.

In a recent report by industry analyst firm Collaborative Strategies, Inc., David Coleman, the company's founder and managing director, said the worldwide market for collaboration software and services will reach an estimated $40 billion. However, the report found that more than half of all businesses are looking for multi-project collaboration tools that are affordable and simple to use.

"While it's second nature to manage our personal lives via our mobile devices, overloaded team leaders are in need of a similar approach to manage their teams and their day-to-day projects," added co-founder and CEO, Matt Cutler.

As the first mobile collaboration platform for teams that are not desk-bound, is designed to make task management, document sharing and team communication faster and easier for the mobile workforce. This new platform enables business managers to easily set up and deploy projects, while giving team members effective collaboration tools to complete their tasks. According to the company, "keeps team members on the same page and accelerates decision making."

To simplify file sharing, integrates with email and popular third-party cloud services. Users can share documents, multimedia and other files via Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and Apple iCloud. also includes communication tools such as in-app chat rooms, organized conversations and comment systems for real-time access to people and updates. The platform also features push notifications to help keep members on task. is 100 percent private and is secured by 256-bit SSL network.