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Is Your Website Due for an Audit?

web design . / Credit: Website Image via Shutterstock

Creating the perfect company website can be a seemingly never-ending challenge for many businesses. That’s because websites must constantly be optimized and updated in order to stay on top of changing technology policies. 

However, companies can stay on top of this crucial part of their business by performing a website audit.

"The main problem is this," said Roy Chomko, president of Adage Technologies. "Even though company websites are an incredibly important aspect of business, they oftentimes do not get important information to the audience efficiently, convert interested visitors, or communicate a consistent brand identity and competitive advantages."

['Brain Friendly' Website Design Attracts More Viewers]

Chomko says companies should focus their website audits on design, development and online marketing in particular. He also offers the following tips to help companies know when their business website may need some changes.   

  • The content management systemis too complicated - Today's most engaging websites require regular content changes in order to keep customers and prospective leads coming back. If your content management system (CMS) is too complicated for employees to use, it will result in a stale website experience.
  • Visitors cannot engage- The main purpose of your website is to interact with visitors, especially those who work with your company regularly. If customers can't find the information they need, they'll get frustrated and lessen the amount of time they visit. Make sure your navigation and search capabilities are clear so these visitors can access information quickly.
  • Site structure negatively affects search engine marketing activities – Search engine marketing (SEM) is important to raise brand awareness. Sites that are poorly structured can limit where you show up in search engine results, or even worse, negatively affect your SEM activities. If your SEM efforts are not garnering results, it could be a clear indication that your site should be reworked to attract potential customers.
  • A fix or enhancement causes other problems– You may be in need of any audit when one bug fix or enhancement introduces another seemingly unrelated problem as a result.  This is an indication that your code may be unstable or in need of refactoring.

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