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Moms Still Choose Online Over Mobile for Shopping

At this point, it’s practically unheard of for moms not to use social media . / Credit: Social media mom image via Shutterstock

Despite the growing use of mobile for shopping among moms, most still prefer other platforms for their shopping needs.

A new eMarketer report found that just 11 percent of moms say they will choose to shop with their mobile phones if given one shopping option. Twenty-eight percent of moms also say they never use mobile devices to shop, while 11 percent of moms say they don’t have a mobile device.  That means mobile shopping accounts for less than half of shopping for two-thirds of moms, researchers found.

Though mobile phones are not the preferred means of shopping for moms, they have become a vital resource for mothers, the researchers found. More than half of moms say they use smartphones or tablets to research or buy a product. Thirty-five percent of those moms say they use their smartphones as a part of the daily shopping process.

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"Mobile’s usefulness for shopping is easy to see," the eMarketer report said. "Convenience and a better ability to price compare were the top reasons moms’ reported using their device as they moved through the purchase funnel."

That convenience is leading moms to use their smartphones for products across a number of categories. Moms most frequently use their phones when shopping or researching clothing, but they are also using their phones when shopping or researching beauty products, household products, toys and other items like school supplies and diapers.

However, that research is not translating to purchases in many cases. Just 18 percent of moms say they do about half of their shopping on smartphones or tablets, while 12 percent say they do most of their shopping on those devices. Researchers say they expect those numbers to increase in coming months and years as more of an effort is placed on mobile commerce measures.

"But as mobile browsing becomes more common, and retailers improve their multichannel efforts, there is no question that more moms will favor smartphones and tablets for their shopping and buying," the eMarketer report said.

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