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Grow Your Business Social Media

Don't Know What Content to Share? Rallyverse Can Help

Don't Know What Content to Share? Rallyverse Can Help Credit: Social media hand image via Shutterstock

NEW YORK — If you've seen rival businesses posting new content left and right but find yourself coming up with only one or two interesting posts a day, Rallyverse can help. This service analyzes your social media accounts and creates a personalized page of shareable content that's relevant to your fans and followers.

Gabe Bevilacqua, co-founder of Rallyverse, presented the service at the NY Tech Meetup here in New York on May 7. The five-step process is simple for anyone with even basica knowledge of social media.

You begin by linking your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with Rallyverse. At this point, Rallyverse scans your social media history and looks for the most relevant keywords and the general message you or your business have presented. From there, you can customize additional keywords and zero in on other topics that interest you (or your audience) on services like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

When you've entered all of your information, the result is a page chock full of shareable content, from videos to articles to infographics, almost guaranteed to generate discussion. One click shares the content on your Twitter feed, which is syncable to Facebook, LinkedIn, and most blogs and websites.

The content is all recent, and Rallyverse's algorithms ensure that you'll have access to both the popular and the obscure. Sharing content is all well and good, but sharing content that no one's seen before is an effective way to become an online trendsetter rather than a follower.

"A smart, human voice is always going to drive a brand's social strategy," Bevilacqua said in a statement. "Our challenge is building smart technology that can, in very short order, understand a brand's interests and empower those human voices to do more in social media, and to do it more efficiently."

[Pinterest for Business: Getting Started]

Finding and sharing content online is not difficult, but like any other skill, some people are just better at social media than others. For tech novices, technophobes or companies that don't have the time or budget for social media experts, Rallyverse could provide an effective solution.

Rallyverse is also adaptive: The more you share content, the more personalized your recommendations become. Its unique Rallydeck software aggregates the feeds from a user's social media accounts, allowing him or her to keep tabs on and engage in conversations across all available platforms.

Rallyverse's cost varies depending on the client's size and business needs, so contacting the company for a demo is the best way to get started. Simply sharing great content won't make a business, but the most effective way to gain fans is to interact with them.

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