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Appreciate Helps You Pick the Right Apps

applications . / Credit: Appreciate

Having trouble finding the right application to match your needs?  A new marketplace has the solution to fix your problems. 

Appreciate is the world’s first service to fully personalize the app market, providing users with a daily stream of relevant app recommendations based on what they actually use and like the most. Appreciate also ranks apps based on what their friends and mega-users of apps they are interested in prefer.  In addition, as a personalized version of the app market, any profile of an app discovered via Appreciate is also tailored to show why it is or is not a good match for that individual user.

Appreciate is changing the game in app discovery by providing users with their very own fully personalized app market.  Much like a personal guide navigating a buyer through an enormous shopping mall toward the items that best suit their shape and taste, Appreciate narrows the universe of apps down to a relevant subset that each user will most likely find useful and appealing.  Appreciate is powered by a sophisticated personalization engine using complex algorithms which take into account multiple factors from user behavior to big (apps) data and social networks to produce a continuously fresh stream of individualized app recommendations for each user.   

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