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Grow Your Business Technology

7 Technologies Entrepreneurs Say They Can't Live Without

apps . / Credit: Technology Image via Shutterstock

What technologies can't you live without and what tech do you need to be an entrepreneur? Seven entrepreneurs reveal the tech tools they rely on to run their businesses every day.


We regularly use LinkedIn to market our business. We've found that keeping conversation casual on the platform is a great way to meet new potential customers and partners, and have successfully made sales in doing so. — Raphael Doromal, VP of strategic partnerships at Donper America

[What's Your Technology Personality Type?]


I use an app called Keeper, which is an encrypted locker where I can store all of my passwords. Being in the tech field, you can only imagine that I have somewhere around a bajillion usernames/passwords/codes to remember. Keeper does it for me. They even let you back it up and sync your data so you don't lose it. And if your phone is stolen, the app is protected at all times by a 4-digit pin. If someone enters too many wrong pins, the app will self-destruct so none of your information is stolen. — Liz Theresa, marketing coach

Feedly RSS app

One way to keep me educated in my field, stay relevant and up to date is by constantly reading articles and posts from industry professionals. I utilize the feedly RSS app on my iPad to organize all of my blog feeds that I follow, and it pushes it [the collection of feeds] to one list. When I have downtime, I scroll through the feed and star articles that I want to read. It's a great way to stay organized with your feeds and ensure that you don't miss an important article! –Jayme Pretzloff, online marketing director at Wixon Jewelers


I can't function properly in business or personal life without my iPad. It's the hub of everything I do. It's what allows me to take my social media company mobile and gives me the ability to provide more for my clients. Without it, I would be stuck monitoring and managing client campaigns from my desktop PCs or my bulky MacBook. — Kim Randall, CEO of KiMedia Strategies


ActiveCollab! is a project management system, and it rocks! It gives me an easy way to keep track of projects, transfer files, communicate with clients and invoice them online. It also makes it easy to keep track of my hours and the hours of outside contractors. It's one of the best investments I've made in my business. Having a place where clients can log in and see where you are with a project really helps people feel comfortable and in control of the project. I love it. — Trinidad Pena, co-founder of The Budget Socialite and founder of Trinidad Pena - Branding and Design

Security camera

The one device our company cannot do without is security cameras. We rely on many closed-circuit television security cameras in our secure facilities. We have caught interested parties trying to photograph our equipment and research-and-development capabilities. Without these expensive units, we would have seen our proprietary equipment and products copied or duplicated. – Jim Angleton, president of AEGIS FinServ


This management app helps me to manage my customers, projects and employees. I use Asana for many facets of my business. My employees can access tasks I assign them from their PC, iPad or smart phones. I also have a place to jot down ideas and can keep track of which customers are most active. It's awesome, and best part is, it's free! I don't work for or sell Asana. I would just love to help out other small businesses! – Abbey Dieteman, co-founder of Dieteman Technology Consulting

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