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Need a Website Today? Crushpath Pitch Sites to the Rescue

Need a Website Today? Crushpath Pitch Sites to the Rescue Credit: Crushpath.com

Let’s say you’ve got a potential client on the line and want to reel them in with a professional looking web site customized for them. Not as easy as it sounds, right?

Crushpath’s Pitch Sites let you do just that. In just minutes, you can create a professional looking web site geared specifically to the clients or customer or audience you are trying to reach.

Crushpath’s Pitch Sites are designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, solo practitioners, and all professionals (employed or self-employed) who want to be set free from cumbersome and traditional ways of doing business.

Crushpath Pitch Sites eliminate the need to rely on traditional business marketing materials like stagnant, disconnected websites and useless
non-customizable marketing collateral materials.

The Crushpath pitch platform gives professionals a fun, simple and more authentic way to pitch and promote their business services, products
and programs, manage relationships and achieve more immediate results, like hitting goals and making money.

Crushpath Pitch Sites give people a way to create and deliver an online elevator pitch for their product, service, idea, or event. They are simple one page websites that grab attention and capture responses in a rich, more visual way than email or cold calling.

  • Easy to create, publish and promote. Choose an industry-specific template to see examples of a pitch and begin populating with photos, videos, text, links, customer references, and other assets. No need for a designer, web hosting, or software installation.
  • Target your market. Customize public or private Pitch Sites that each zero in on a specific customer, product, or offering.
  • Promote and get responses. Pitch Sites are searchable, shareable, and social. Prospects get the complete sales pitch at a glance and can tell you they’re interested with a click.
  • Track your success. Manage responses and track the success of each pitch with detailed analytics.