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engajer Helps Companies Improve Sales with Video

Companies looking to improve sales efficiency are getting some help from a new video platform.    

engajer makes sales and marketing teams more effective by engaging prospective customers via interactive, non-linear online videos, and providing deep lead scoring capabilities and qualifying analytics based on customer’s usage patterns. engajer is a cloud-based sales and communication platform that enables deepened engagement in the customer's specific areas of interest by using a proprietary combination of interactive video presentation and sophisticated analytics.

Whereas most videos in use today are lengthy and ineffectively designed to be one size fits all, engajer’s platform limits video length to only 30 seconds – much like Twitter constrains the number of characters in each tweet. This enables the viewer to "choose their own adventure" by sequentially selecting a series of multiple short videos to watch. These videos will address the viewer’s unique areas of interest instead of forcing the viewer to watch extra footage that is irrelevant to their needs.

Meanwhile, in the background, engajer tracks the viewer’s selections and activity and builds out a comprehensive profile not just of the viewer’s overall level of interest, but also of the specific subjects of greatest interest. This information is sent to sales reps (in real time if they so desire) so that they can optimize their follow-up communication with information that is highly tailored to their prospective customers’ interests. 

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