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Brainshark Launches Brainshark Sales Enablement Portal

It takes the right stuff to attract sales reps with the right stuff . / Credit: Handshake concluding sale image via Shutterstock

With thousands of customers worldwide, including half of the U.S. Fortune 100, Brainshark has long been an expert in sales enablement – with more than 75 percent of its business coming from supporting companies in this activity. Brainshark’s flagship solution, Brainshark On-Demand, lets users turn PowerPoint documents into voice-enriched, trackable video presentations – that can be viewed online, anytime, from computers, smartphones and tablets. Brainshark also powers SlideShark, the popular app for showing PowerPoints live on the iPad and iPhone.

Being able to cultivate and close sales are critical assets to business success. As such, and given today’s do-more-with-less economy, there’s a spotlight on the field of “sales enablement” – that is, helping companies prepare for customer interactions, engage with key audiences and advance sales opportunities. Analyst firm IDC reports that salespeople squander “7 hours or more a week looking for information to help them prepare for sales calls (usually without success!).” Equally discouraging: “Only 10 percent of the information [needed] is made available in a useful format.”

But there’s good news for companies who want to see their sales reps do less searching and more selling. Brainshark has unveiled the Brainshark Sales Enablement Portal, so companies can easily organize high-impact Brainshark video presentations and other important materials into a single, searchable and mobile-optimized content repository. The portal is permission-based – so sales reps, marketing teams and channel partners can access all the info they need for their roles, without viewing any extraneous clutter. Individual users can also organize content into their own lists and tag presentations as “favorites” for quick, anytime access. The Sales Enablement Portal is a key part of Brainshark’s new Sales Enablement Suite – a turnkey solution set for helping companies create better sales content, organize it for immediate access, deliver it to mobile reps and track content effectiveness, for better follow-up.

“We use Brainshark’s solutions to help our globally dispersed sales reps communicate with and qualify potential customers,” said Mike D’Onofrio, vice president of sales at Concur, a global leader in integrated travel and expense management. “With Brainshark, our reps – whether in the office or on the road – can send out high-impact presentations to prospects and then use Brainshark’s analytics to pinpoint when interest is high, so they can time their follow-up. Since we began using Brainshark, our sales cycle time is a third of what it used to be – underscoring just how valuable Brainshark has been in improving sales productivity for our organization.”

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