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SFVision for Salesforce v2.0 Takes Salesforce Tools on the Road

SFVision for Salesforce v2.0 Takes Salesforce Tools on the Road

Successful salespeople are always on the go. Shouldn’t their data be, too?

SFVision for Salesforce v2.0 is a Salesforce iPad/iOS native application specifically designed for the mobile sales professional.  SFVision puts “you,” the mobile sales user in control with fast and easy access to Salesforce info. With SFVision  you can:

  • See all the opportunities in your sales funnel which graphically reach sales pipeline
  • Make comments to the Salesforce Chatter network on specific account activities or just provide an update
  • See all contacts in an account laid out in an org view with icons indicating strategic information
  • Add new contacts from your iPad contacts or simply scan a business card QR code
  • Easily go back to “Recent Items” like you do on your Salesforce desktop and much more
  • SFVision safely saves and synchronizes your information in real time with the Salesforce cloud using your Salesforce user login.

SFVision focus is about increasing mobile productivity while radically reducing and eliminating unnecessary steps to sales data entry, access, visualization and sharing.  The visually rich interface of SFVision for Salesforce v2.0 presents the information in a clear, concise way, gathering the data from multiple Salesforce objects into a single view. From those same views, users quickly add or update data without having to navigate to different pages.  Now you get more done with fewer steps.

Salesforce is a great repository of information with key data elements (accounts, opportunities, contacts, leads, etc.) that are critical to the sales process. To be successful, mobile sales professionals need to easily and quickly add and access those key data elements. They need to effectively use the data stored in Salesforce to improve their deal planning, reduce sales cycles and dynamically communicate account status to management and key team members.

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