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Avoid Tweeting Your Way to Unemployment with FireMe!

social media Fire Me! / Credit: Fire Me!

If you like to use social media as a place to air your grievances about your job or your boss, a new website may help to keep you employed. Called FireMe!, the app helps protect you from yourself by flagging tweets about your boss or company that may cross the line. 

The service works by monitoring Twitter for a specific group of words that could lead to a person's dismissal. It then puts those tweets onto the FireMe! timeline in one of the following categories: "Haters," "Horrible Bosses," "Sexual Intercourses" and "Potential Killers."

The service helps prevent firings by sending reply tweets to posters, telling them that their tweets crossed the line and asking them to reconsider the posts. Users can then make the choice to delete the offending tweets or leave them on their timelines.

The service also shows people their Firemeter scores, which measure previous postings to see how close a person may be to getting fired due to existing tweets. And Fire Me! posts a leader board showing which Twitter users are closest to being fired based on their social media and Twitter activity.

The website says that it is acting as a way to raise awareness of the dangers of posting online. 

"Most people seem to be unaware that on the Internet, once said, you can never take it back," the website said. "All tweets shown here are publicly available on Twitter. So don't blame us. Instead, get responsible. If you've taken initiative and removed your reckless tweet, and are now annoyed by your presence on this website, contact us and we will immediately remove your account from FireMe!" 

Jasmine Bailey of Newsy.com reports that the application has had limited success in the three weeks that it has been running. In that time, Fire Me! Has sent out 4300 warning tweets to angry tweeters, and 249 of those tweets have been deleted. 

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