Fun Easter goodies

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

Cadbury Eggs, Jordan almonds, chocolate bunnies wrapped in cellophane — some folks just never get tired of the same old Easter treats year after year.

But for those who'd like the Easter Bunny to offer up something a bit more original this time around, there are lots of weird and wonderful alternative products to consider.

So strap on your bonnet and grab a basket. Here are 10 Easter treats that will satisfy your taste for Easter novelty.

Chocolate for Zombie Fans

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

Not all chocolate bunnies are created equal. Some, as it turns out, are stranger than others. And this chocolate zombie bunny from ThinkGeek is definitely among the strangest.

Whether you're filling the basket of a zombie-enthusiast or trying to traumatize your little brother, this white chocolate rabbit is sure to be a new favorite.

The folks at ThinkGeek don't know for sure whether eating this product will infect you with a zombie virus, but they do encourage you to help save the world by biting the head off this undead Easter treat.

Easily Digested Easter Grass

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

If you're looking for something unexpected, but not too weird, why not try to spruce up your gift wrapping? Designed for folks who want to enjoy every aspect of the basket-exchanging experience, this edible Easter grass from CandyWarehouse is a modern spin on an old classic.

Those who are concerned about the amount of waste associated with gift wrapping will surely appreciate this homage to resourceful packaging.

Also, isn't Easter grass technically a vegetable?

Basket of Laughs

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

No creative Easter basket would be complete without a little bathroom humor. Give the gift of laughter this year with one of TreatStreet's Easter-themed candy poopers.

These wind-up toys will have you hopping with delight as they dispense jellybeans from the underside of their cottontails.

Perfect for those in need of a little light-hearted cheering this holiday, the candy pooper is the perfect companion to any formal family dinner.

Eco Easter

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

For those looking to create an eco-conscious Easter experience, these next two products will come as a real treat. EcoEggs' compostable Easter eggs are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic eggs.

Gone are the days that an undiscovered egg forever pollutes some corner of the yard. You can rest easy knowing these plant-based plastic eggs are fully biodegradable.

And for those who love to color their own eggs, this natural egg-coloring kit from EcoKids uses dyes made from natural and organic fruits and vegetables, making your Easter traditions greener for the whole family.

Bookworm Beans

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

The wizard in your life is sure to appreciate these deliciously different Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans from Jelly Belly.

As the favorite sweets of Harry Potter himself, they're sure to be a hit with book lovers, magicians and anyone who likes strangely flavored jelly beans.

Though the "earwax," "rotten egg" and "booger" varieties might not be for everyone, these beans certainly are a novel way to cleanse the pallet while the Easter ham is cooking.

Dressing Up for Easter

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

No Easter basket is ever complete without a package of Peeps. But those who really want to show love for this holiday staple might consider taking a walk in the Peep's shoes this Easter.

Fantasy Toyland has Peep costumes for the whole family. So if you want to show up to the Easter egg hunt in style this year, give a thought to going as your favorite marshmallow candy.

If you're more of a traditionalist when it comes to Easter get-ups, then you might be interested in this bunny suit from "A Christmas Story" House Gift Shop.

The site sells just about everything from the classic holiday movie, "A Christmas Story," including this pair of pink footy pajamas. Why go in for floppy hats and white gloves when you could spend Easter morning in this comfortable ensemble?


Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

Do you believe in the Lego bunny? Give the block enthusiast in your life a little extra love this holiday with an Easter Bunny block set from Lego.

The company comes out with new holiday-themed sets every year, and this year's Easter Bunny and basket blocks are sure to please.

Those looking for more variety should visit Brickset, the Internet-based guide to all things Lego, which features holiday sets dating back to 1986.

Treats for the Lazy Cook

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

Love the idea of a delicious cake for Easter dessert but hate the idea of having to make it yourself? You're in luck.

This truly impressive-looking Easter egg cheesecake from Gift Tree is the perfect treat to finish off your holiday meal.

And if you want to spread a little sweetness to others without leaving the kitchen a wreck, consider slipping a cookie-decorating kit from Cheryl's into somebody's Easter basket this year.

Easter Treats for Dogs

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

Want to show your pooch how much he means to you this Easter? Get him his own, canine-approved Easter candy from the Posh Puppy Boutique.

And if you still haven't gotten your pet something suitable to wear on Easter Sunday, then you may also want to check out the boutique's selection of spring dresses for fashionable pups.

Etsy Easter Extravaganza

Easter basket, odd gifts, out-of-the-ordinary gifts

If you've yet to find the perfect Easter offerings for this year's basket then, for heaven's sake, get to Etsy.

The mega-crafty marketplace has something to please the chocolate-loving "Stars Wars" fan in your life as well as the dragon-loving Easter egg enthusiast.

So whether you want to fill your basket with adorable Easter-themed baby shoes or two-headed, taxidermy ducklings, Etsy will have you covered.

Need an ugly hat to wear on Easter morning? Etsy has plenty of those. Or maybe you'd rather an oversized headband? Those are fully stocked as well.