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Anoto Live Cuts Paperwork At the Office

Companies that are burdened by paperwork may find new software to be the answer to their prayers. 

Anoto Live forms is a modern alternative for organizations seeking to streamline their business processes without having to invest significantly in new systems and user training. The user’s handwriting is transformed into live information using the digital pen platform which can convert it into various computer readable formats. This makes it immediately available to back-office systems.  The new product enables organizations to make handwriting digital, thereby improving their information workflow without having to introduce any dramatic changes within their existing business processes. 

Along with the interpreted data, a complete image of the form is also created, making it ideal for signatures and drawings. Working with independent software vendors (ISVs), the Anoto Live forms solution provides a means for digital writing technology to be seamlessly embedded into current processes. This results in a robust solution with economic and social benefits backed by measureable return on investment.

The solution is being used across a broad range of vertical market applications including healthcare, field services, transportation, utilities, finance, government and many others.

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