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Cut the Clutter with LiveHive

If you are suffering from information overload, a new app may be for you.

LiveHive allows users to create visual and social workspaces with any type of file or document, including Google documents, desktop documents, webpages, videos and audio files. Any workspace or item within may be shared with appropriate team members or kept private with the option to exercise granular control of role permissions for anyone invited to the workspace.

We built LiveHive to solve today's collaboration conundrum that takes place because we store so many different types of content in so many different places. When it comes time to collaborate with a partner or team, there's no easy way to put your content, conversations and people into one place.

LiveHive’s activity stream feature allows anyone with access to a workspace to join a conversation in order to add posts or feedback about an item as well as track back through time to view notes at any point in the history of the workspace. The activity stream offers users a way to tap into the conversation around a project that isn't normally accessible, versus having to scan through disconnected emails. In addition, LiveHive is built around today’s normal workflow, allowing users to add and capture content whenever inspiration strikes while leveraging the commonly used tools and sources ranging from web pages and Google docs to videos.

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